Thursday, August 05, 2004

Clara and Chloe - best friends, worst enemies. They played, they yelled, they pushed, they shoved the usual dramatics ensued. We spread out our picnic lunch and the girls were kinda sorta eating and mostly getting up and running around in between bites. Then Chloe decides to run towards the wading pool... there are no kids at all today swimming so the life guards were all hanging out inside...of course it takes me a few moments to haul my butt off the grass to go after the two rascals. When I turned the corner I see the two little imps sprinting strainght into the water fully dressed wearing their shoes squeeling in delight!!! What a picture it was. I went in after them (took the time to pull up my pant legs first) and brought back to sopping wet happy two year olds.

Of course the story does not end there. I get the girls back, we take off their wet clothes and start packing up the picinc. Guess who takes a second run at it??? Yup, back in the water they went. I was kinda pissed off because we'd agreed to let them swim since they obviously didn't mind the cold water and they still took off and ignored our mommy yells to STOP!!! So, after the second dip I said no swimming and took Clara home (Chloe's mom also took her home). So there we are on a city bus with Clara wearing nothing more than a tank top and diaper and soaking wet clothes and shoes hanging off the stroller and me with my pants wet up to my knees (I forgot to pull them up the second time in!)