Friday, September 18, 2009

If you'd have asked me yesterday I would have told you we could stand to get rid of about 50% of our toys. Board games and books we use, but toys not so much. Of course, there are a few things that get played with regularly like the animals and the Star Wars figurines. Things like Clara's collection of Littlest Petshop and Polly Pockets don't see much action anymore.

Today, at 3pm on the first ped day of the school year I can report that every toy has been touched at some point over the last 6 hours. Clara and Leo have been playing non-stop all day with just about everything we own! The train set is out, the mini Barbie castle is set up, there are princess and fairy figurines carefully placed (in a Little People garage), and the Littlest Petshop animals are lined up. I can't follow the game even a little bit but it is clearly fun and imaginative and has taken them both to another place.

By all accounts school is going very well for both kids, they've settled into their new routines beautifully. However, what has become very obvious to me over the course of the day is just how wonderful it feels to stay home (wearing pyjamas in Leo's case) and loose yourself in pure, imaginative, unstructured play. I'm forever thankful that we can provide this luxury for our kids. They are thriving.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hi everyone!

I've entered a contest by a Montreal Photographer. She is offering a FREE photography session and a CD full of digital images to the family that gets the most votes. So, if you wish to see more (beautiful) pictures of Clara and Leo (and Marc and Laurel) please go and visit her blog and vote for family #2 in the comment box. It really is in your best interest!

Thanks for helping us out!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Clara brought home this picture from school today. She told me it is the bedroom she wishes to have.
Of special note:
  • There are stairs leading to the room which indicates it is on an upper level.
  • There is a loft bed with no other bed below it, bottom bunk seems to have been replaced by a desk.
  • There is a large tv screen and a pile of DVDs stacked beside it.
  • There is a small animal cage (including wheel) beside the bed.
  • There is a bookshelf, I can only assume it is filled with Théa Stilton & Winx Club books.
Yes, the begging for her own room (and a pet) has officially begun. Marc and I always knew this day would come but we are still not prepared for it. We certainly can't do anything about it right now anyway - and I'm certainly not giving up my room!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Grand-Maman Annette's 90th birthday party

Grand-maman, Laurel, Grand-Papa, Marc, Uncle Alex, Clara,
Grand-Maman Annette, and Leo.

La Rentrée Scolaire 2009!

First day of 2iem année

First day of pre-maternelle.