Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Lost Fingers played a concert at the Jazz Festival tonight. How could I not take my girl to a show I knew she'd love on her birthday?

See that smile?

Mother-daughter self portrait during the show (I was holding her on my hip!!!)

Nice night to be 8!

We were only about 10 people back from the front of the stage - it was a great show!
Happy Birthday my Clara B!

Clara celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday with 15 of her closest friends! She planned a party with games that required lots of kids; Bulldog couleur and Kick Ball. We spent about an hour playing in the school yard and then it was back home for cupcakes in the backyard.

Clara "pitching" the ball during the game of Kick Ball

Ravenous kids waiting for strawberry cupcakes

The after-party at St Hubert BBQ

Today is her real birthday. I'm not sure how we can possibly top yesterday's events. If Clara and Leo are not too tired I'd like to take them to the Lost Fingers concert at the Jazz festival tonight - I think that would be an appropriate celebration of growing another year older and another year taller!