Thursday, November 23, 2006

Clara and Leo spent almost an entire hour at the table today. They we not eating, colouring, or painting they were playing with BUTTONS!

A mama and baby caterpillar

On our way home from the Carrefour Leo was complaining that he had not pushed the button on the elevator. I told him I'd let him play with lots of buttons when we got home but they would be different from elevator buttons. When we got in the front door Leo was literally chanting buttons, buttons, buttons! So I helped him into his booster seat and pulled out a ziplock bag of mixed buttons we'd bought months ago (for a project I never did). I poured them all out on the table and Clara quickly scrambled up beside Leo. They sorted buttons, arranged them in shapes, gave them voices, and just played and played and played. I joined in from time to time but for the most part they took care of themselves. There is something to be said for the simplest of pleasures.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Road Trip to Toronto

I had to squeeze into the bed after taking this pic at Natasha's!

Leo with some cute girlies (Antonia and Mariella)

Surprise birthday party for Auntie Dorothy.

Baby Malcolm being the cutest thing EVER.

Hanging at the pet store with their new APU friend.

The last day was spent in their pjs!

I caught this on video at the Timmies just outside of Montreal on our way home.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Clara has taken to calling me "MOM." It feels weird. I haven't said anything about it but I really hope she goes back to "Mama" soon. Thankfully Leo has not picked up the habit as well. If he does I'll be heartbroken :lol

Monday, November 06, 2006

I am becoming one busy Mama. Between the kids activities and my own, blogging is falling off my priority list. But, I can't leave for Toronto without at least sharing some very cute Halloween photos!

Clara chose her own costume this year, she wanted to be an Apple-Maple Tree. With some creative help from Papa and soem supplies from Wendy Edmonds' wedding, we came up with this...

Leo didn't get much a a choice, more of an offer "do you want to be a dog for Halloween?" Luckily for me he said "yes!"
There were lots of opportunities for Clara and Leo to get dressed up, sometimes Leo told people he was a cat, and other times he said he was a dog - I like that, it shows he's a flexible kinda guy :)

Trick or Treating was hilarious, we joined up with Lea and her family to roam the streets of the Plateau in search of "bon bons" The girls squeeled and ran as far as we'd let them and Leo either trotted along holding someone's hand or hung out in his stroller-throne eating boxes of raisins. After we had pulled in enough loot we all came back to our house for some tea and a few candies. An hour later, Clara and Lea were tearing up and down the hallway screetching in their birthday suits!! Oh my goodness, I just about split my sides laughing at the two examples of why too much sugar is B.A.D. All the while Leo was playing happily with baby Naomie who had just learned to sit up last week and was feeling pretty good about herself.