Thursday, April 26, 2007

C'est fini!
Leo and I were just chatting about ears. I asked him if he touched Mama's ears, he said "yes." I asked if he touched Papa's ears and he said "yes." Then I asked "do you touch any other ears?" He said "yes, Ann Marie's ears." Its ironic that he proclaimed Ann Marie's ears good enough for regular touching the very day after she left for 3 months! Ann Marie, I think Leo will be missing you this Summer!

On Tuesday Papa T, Cathy and Ann Marie came over for a birthday/farewell dinner for Ann Marie. The event was planned by Clara B, party planner extraordinaire. She suggested a potluck (in not so many words) and it turned into a very nice evening with family.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clara and I were back in the pool today for the beginning of our second session of swimming lessons. I have a little fish on my hands, she's been loving the pool since we got a spot in January for the winter session. Clara was told at the end of last session she could move to the 4-5 year old class without parents but we decided it was fun to be together and decided to stay put. I'm glad we did, it is just so wonderful to splash about and try new things and squeel and laugh and play for 45 minutes together on a Sunday morning. On top of all the fun we are having Clara is steadily improving in her swimming abilities. Today she kept telling me to "let go!" so she could try paddling on her own, she stays above water for a few seconds before she puts her feet down which is the problem/advantage of being tall! She floats well on her back and can pick things up from the bottom of the pool with her eyes open underwater! Of course I have to give her a downward push to get her all the way to the bottom which takes some getting used to, for 4.5 years I've been trying to keep her head above water, and now I'm shoving her under!?!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Snow + rain + slush = YUCK, yuck, yuck!!!

I made my treks back and forth to the Carrefour today, each one was an an adventure unto itself. Admittedly, the cab adventure this morning was the least harrowing of the 4 trips but it did present its own challenges (namely the giant puddle with floating chunks of ice at the front door to the Carrefour). The last walk was certainly the most frightening; in an attempt to avoid large piles of slush and snow created by snowplows on the corners of the smaller streets, I decided to walk down Saint Denis. The wind was whipping up the street and screeching in our ears, all of a sudden, just ahead of us, a HUGE piece of a building fell onto the sidewalk. It looked like it was the top decorative moulding of the building, it was definitely made of some stone-like material. Anyway, I did not panic outwardly, I just commented that it would be dangerous to try to pass by the debris and made a quick U-turn and headed back up the street. We walked down the next street over instead and soon heard the blaring sirens on a firetruck on the way to the scene.

We made it home safe and sound but of course now I can't get the what-if images out of my head. What if we'd been walking just a bit faster, what if we'd caught the green light instead of the red, what if, what if, WHAT IF?????

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imagine this picture... Leo standing proudly with his chest puffed out and his chin high with a great big blue butterfly with its wings open resting on his chest. Then picture Clara looking kind of freaked out with a brown butterfly on her butt. You would have seen these pictures and many, many more if my digital photos hadn't been sent into virtual oblivion instead of to my computer. Somehow all the photos I took at the Insectarium yesterday with Auntie Dorothy, Leo and Clara are GONE. I'm disappointed because we had a lot of fun photographing our favorite butterflies but now have nothing to show for it.

We did however, have a lovely outing with Auntie Dorothy. I was surprised that it was Clara who was uncomfortable with the butterflies flitting around her, I had kind of expected Leo to be more freaked out by them (that will teach me to make assumptions about my little people, they are always proving me wrong!). The warm, sunny, sweet smelling greenhouse full of flowers and gorgeous colours made it feel like Summer does exist and maybe, just maybe it is not a figment of my imagination. By the time we were heading home we'd seen lots of beautiful butterflies and moths and sang the Papillon song more times than I can count!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Can you see the difference?


Yes, Clara got her ears pierced this afternoon! She had been mentioning the possibility of earrings for about a week now. We'd discussed the piercing process ad nauseum and also the merits of getting the piercing done NOT the day before swimming lessons. So when the current swimming session ended (a whole other post I must work on one of these days), and we found out that the break was three weeks long Clara looked at me and said "earrings?" What is a mother to do? I agreed and there was nothing more to talk about other that when.

We made a half hearted effort to find a jeweler that does ear piercing on Sunday but ended up at the park enjoying the mild sunny afternoon instead. Today though, Clara was not having any distraction - she was on a mission. We ended up at a Jeweler on Mount Royal who was wonderful. He was very friendly and made an obvious effort to gain Clara's confidence before we even started choosing jewelry. I was amazed by the amount of choice there was for earrings, of course, Clara B was immediately captivated by the sparkly flower studs and spent several minutes deciding if she wanted the pink flower, the all blue flower, or the blue and white flower. Thankfully there was no rush and she really got to think it over and weigh her options while holding the sample board in her hands, I noticed she tilted it often to see the sparkle of the stones.

The first piercing in made Clara's go face go red, then she teared up, frowned and threw her arms around me while she cried "I'm not ready for the next one right away!" It took about 1 minute and a good look at her beautiful pierced ear to prepare Clara for the next ear. She was much more tense and looked fearful waiting for the second earring to go in but this time after it was done she just looked up and smiled "that didn't hurt at all!" I have no idea what made the difference, perhaps she just deals better with pain once she has an idea of what to expect... who knows?!? I just know I walked out of the jewelery shop with a very full and crumby Leo (he was eating snacks the whole time Clara and I were focused on her lobes) and a supremely happy little girl with glittering earrings and a huge grin!

Monday, April 02, 2007

It is official, Leo can sleep though a running vacuum in his room! When he's tired, nothing will wake this guy.