Thursday, August 28, 2008

1ier année - 7:45am

Monday, August 18, 2008

Adirondack Home Exchange

This home swap was something special. We stayed in a home that was originally a school house and then a youth hostel before it was abandoned for a decade. The current owners fixed up the building from its ramshackle state and went on to build an beautiful home with lots of personality! We spent time playing games, sitting in front of the fire, petting the cat, canoeing, playing badminton, playing at the beach, visiting the local farmer's market and we even had a sauna! We had the pleasure of meeting the home owners before leaving at the end of our vacation, lucky us - Jay took us out on their pontoon boat for a tour of the lakes and rivers of the Adirondacks. Clara and Leo even got to drive the boat - FAST.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

1000 Islands Home Exchange (aka where I spent my 33rd birthday)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

La Minerve 2008 - Tim and Christine's wedding weekend

Camping at La Minerve this year was a very different experience for our family. We were invited to attend of Tim and Christine's wedding ceremony on site on Saturday afternoon! There was another obvious difference from last year's event... precipitation.

Yes, it rained.

At first I was feeling really disappointed that the wedding and all the celebrations we were anticipating would be foiled but I soon saw what people working together can accomplish! The wedding ended up taking place during a break from the rain so, bride and groom were married in the spot they'd planned. Clara and Leo were lucky enough to participate by bringing the rings to the Christine and Tim which pleased them to no end. The reception "hall" was pulled together during a torrential downpour and consisted of an army shelter, two kitchen tents and many, many giant tarps linking them all together. Clara and Leo thought the entire experience was magical. Clara kept chanting "this is amazing" as she dodged leaks dripping down between tarps! The storm did pass and we were left, damp but with such wonderful company that really, there was nothing to complain about.

Leo chatted up select campers whom he explained to me were his new friends, Clara took a dip in the lake after the rain cleared, we ate marshmallows roasted on the fire, saw a fireworks display in honour of the happy couple, sat around the campfire and had a lovely evening.

Even though we only spent about 24 hours camping this year, it was wonderful. And, even though Marc is NOT a camper, and we did have to deal with the elements he was awesome. Especially when he took the kids out in the rain to roast their marshmallows out of concern that the fire wouldn't make it through the downpour. Of course, Clara and Leo were in kid heaven. There were other kids to play with, toys and sand to enjoy, bugs and animals to identify and of course, there were the "crazy" outdoor bathrooms to experience!
All set for the wedding ceremony

Leo kissing Christine after bringing her Tim's ring

The rain stopped just long enough for Tim and Christine to get married and for Leo to take a picture of Mama and Papa

Leo the charmer chatting up his "new friend" at sunset.

One of Clara's three creature finds, this is Rainbow the beetle. She also found a frog, and a slug!