Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, I hardly have to say anything after posting these pictures do I? As you can see, Leo is now just like his Papa, in his own words "Now I have just a head. Mommy cut my hair and threw it in the garbage."

I imagine, based on my previous posts it is obvious how Leo came to this new transformation. The battle of the lice is still going on in Clara's kindergarten class (it sounds like just about every kid has been treated at least once in the last 3 months). Even though she seems to be clear (my fingers are tightly crossed), I did see one bug in Leo's hair on Monday. Marc and I had already agreed, at the first sign of lice, Leo's head would be shaved. There is no way that he'd EVER accept the lice treatment and regular combing that is required to get rid of the little pests. So out came the clippers! It turns out I only saw two lice and no nits at all while shaving - I know not to assume I saw everything but I am encouraged that my vigilance paid off and we caught the problem before it got out of hand.

So, it turns out I am in love with my little buzzed boy. Leo's eyes are so big and bright and his eyebrows and forehead are so expressive without the distraction of the surfer hair. Of course, I'm also mourning his blonde silky locks but that is what hair obsessed Moms tend to do in this situation (or so I've gathered), but I'm mostly over it. Marc on the other hand, is infatuated with Leo's new style. He can't get enough of Leo's soft round head. I've caught him gazing at his boy over the breakfast table, there seems to be something special about the bond of hairlessness that I will never understand... at least I hope.

Clara also loves the new coif and is in fact jealous. She has asked to get her head shaved as well. Although I'm not all for it, I'm also not against letting her do it if she really wants to. It certainly would make my life easier if we had minimal hair to worry about and inspect. So, Clara and I have made an agreement, we will discuss the radical haircut again in one week. If she still wants to cut it all off and she shows a clear understanding of the permanent consequences then we'll do it. The fact that she will be the 3rd little girl with a shaved head in her class makes it a bit easier to deal with, of course that is another reason she wants to do it in the first place! I guess I'll be posting an update in the near future... stay tuned.