Saturday, May 30, 2009

There is waayyy too much going on in our world right now to even begin to consider trying to catch up with my blog. I've got pictures of the following recent activities to share and hopefully I'll managed to get it done now that I've gone ahead and written down my intention...
  • Camping at Mont Tremblant
  • Leo's spectacle and graduation from Carrefour des Petites Soleils
  • Carrefour picnic
  • Imagine exhibit at le Musée des Beaux-Arts
Right now Chloé and Zaco are staying with us, Karen and Mike had an out of town family funeral to attend so I picked up the kids after school. They are very happy to be together (well, the girls certainly are) and other than the increased food consumption and overall volume, the weekend is pretty much playing out as any would with half the number of little boys and girls.

Oh and yeah, we made an offer on a new condo last night. The agent thought is was lots of fun making life changing decisions sitting just meters away from 4 kids who were eating pizza and watching Space Buddies.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When Clara stumbled out of her room this morning she had a goofy grin on her face. She told me she'd dreamed that 3 small, shiney, metalic iPods had dropped into our backyard. One was green, another yellow and the last one was blue. That's weird huh mama?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

This kids got the camera...