Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh my dear, sweet, sweet Leo. He may be 4 years and 4 months old but he is just the same as he was at 2 years old when it comes to his love of ears. All I can do is laugh about it. Really, there is nothing else I can do short of tying him up in some sort of straight jacket.

This evening I lay down beside him to snuggle at bedtime (our usual routine) and, as usual his hand drifted up to my ear. But tonight something was different... I was wearing a hairband. He tried to do his regular soft petting behind my ear but I guess that darned hairband was just too distracting. He finally said, in the sweetest possible voice "Mama, can please take off your band. It feels funny." Whats' a girl to do? He was being so polite and all he wanted was his usual 3 minutes of comfort. So, of course, what my boy wants - he gets. No sooner than I had removed the offending hair accessory Leo was able to assume his snuggle position and was happily sucking on his tongue in a state of Leo bliss.

I know, this kid is weird, but really it is is the cutest possible way!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Marc just bought Little Big Planet. Can you guess how much fun my little troupe of video game fans are having? This is another one of those games where you get to customize your character. Clara quickly set her to have blue hair, pink bunny ears, a pink dress and I must admit that it does look pretty darn cute... for a video game character.