Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We are in it deep now.
Clara gave one of her classmate's fathers a complete rundown of game 1 between Philidelphia and Montreal last Friday. He was very impressed with her review and told me so.

In honour of the second round Marc kept his word and brought home two red Canadians T shirts on Wednesday night.

The icing on the cake to illustrate just how deep this house is with hockey fever - Leo's new haircut. My cute little 3 year old is sporting a mohawk!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Go Habs, Go!

Note Clara's home made Canadians jersey. It is a Spiderman jersey with a Canadians logo safety pinned to the front! Her Papa made it for her. Leo is squeezing into a jersey we got as a hand-me-down last year, it is a size 2. Trust me, Leo does not wear much in the way of size 2 anymore. It takes some wiggling to put on and off but it is worth it for our little fan.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random pictures from the past month...

From left to right:
  • Snuggling on the couch
  • Blowin' bubbles after school
  • All set to go to the insectarium and butterfly pavilion
  • Marc's head is a landing pad
  • Clara and Leo's creation; a castle
  • Corking
  • Rawr!
  • Me
  • Evening teeth brushing.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

At 7:15 today...

Marc: I'm getting ready to go running now.
Leo: OK Papa, watch out for Montreal tigers. Look for orange and black stripes and... teeth!
Marc: (smirking) OK, I'll keep an eye open for them.
Leo: (in whispered seriousness) No, two eyes.

PS: I am short one tooth in my mouth tonight. I brought my extracted wisdom tooth home to show Clara and Leo. Clara had it tucked under my pillow within minutes of getting to the house. I wonder if the tooth fairy will visit?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Leo told Marc he was a "huggy player" This was while he was giving his Papa one of his famous ear grabbing hugs tightly around the neck. Our boy is turning into quite the comedian. He is the king of the one-liner in our house.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

We are fair weather fans.

Tonight we watched the Habs play their first playoff game. I ignore hockey all winter but if the Canadians make it to post season play then I can get enthusiastic about the sport and our team. I began the tradition of playoff hockey fan when I was very pregnant with Clara. Matt and Angela, our friends and neighbors from New Zealand came over for pizza and drank beer and cheered along with us and the people at the sports bar across the street. Even though the Habs eventually lost that year I know Marc and I had lots of fun following the playoffs and making a festive event each time they hit the ice.

Since 2002 the Canadians have made it to post season play at least once or twice - I'm not going to look it up. Clara has certainly seen hockey on tv before and still calls penalties "time-outs". However, tonight seems to have been Leo's initiation to the televised version of our great Canadian sport. In fact, he really got into the game; he reenacted plays with his own version of sports commentary, he pushed a ball around the living room with a plastic hockey stick (or is it a golf club?), and he chanted Go Habs Go whenever he felt like making a bit of noise. Clara was cute, often she got confused and called the team "Canada" as in, Go Canada, score Canada, etc. Marc and I kept trying to correct her; "You can say Go Montreal, Go Canadians, Go Habs, but Go Canada just doesn't work". I do think she'd got it all straightened out by the end of the game which, by the way they WON!

I put my tired fans to bed at 10pm, right after the players got off the ice. As I tucked Clara in and whispered my goodnight in her ear she asked; "what is Saturday in French again?" "It is Samedi" I replied. "OK" she said, "two sleeps until the next hockey game" :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Toe to toe

Clara came tearing out of her room the other night, she was SURE she'd seen a red ant crawling on her bunk bed. She could not be convinced otherwise. Despite my attempts to calm her and get her back into bed Clara was NOT climbing her ladder to sleep with red ants. Out of desperation I asked, where do you want to sleep? She quickly said, I'll sleep with Leo. It was quickly settled, I pulled her pillow down and she snuggled up at the foot of Leo's bed. I figured one or both of them would be at my bedside in the middle of the night complaining about being kicked or something but nope, they both slept fine and woke up all smiles the next morning.

I know where the idea of red ants came from, Clara is studying les insects at school. I'm quite sure the lessons and stories about bugs and creepy crawlies have made quite an impact on her imagination.