Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Face Painting

Clara and Chloe loved painting their own faces at the Carrefour des Petites Soleils. Now Clara wants to decorate her face all the time!

We recently saw a guy on the street with tatoos on his face, Clara was quick to point and exclaim "look mommy, he's got his face painted, I want it too!" Hmmm, not quite the same thing.
Leo is enamoured with his big sis. When she leaves the room he often starts whimpering! I'm not kidding. I've tested it out - I call Clara to come back and he stops immediatly. Cracks me up every time

Only problem we're having is Leo's continued intolerance to dairy. Poor guy is paying right now for my indulgence Sat night. I took DH out to a nice restaurant for his 30th bday and I had cream sauce AND mousse for dessert... now I feel like a very guilty mommy and won't be doing that again for awhile.