Saturday, June 28, 2008

On the way to the Jazz festival

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We spent a great day family day yesterday, there were two highlights...

1) Our first family bike trip! We decided to try biking all the way to Parc Lafontaine, Leo was attached to my bike on the trail gator and, other than the few times he put on his breaks while I was pedaling we did great. Clara was behind Leo and I. She rode on the bike path like a pro. It was her first time and according to Marc (who was riding behind her) she was super, she stayed in her lane and kept her speed under control. We were really proud of ourselves when we arrived at our destination to play for a bit. The trip home was a bit harder as it is a bit uphill. Leo didn't help pedal much but I did fine making it home. Clara complained that her legs hurt and got off her bike and walked for a block. She is a determined kid so after her break she hopped right back on and kept going!

2) Soccer night with Papa. Yesterday was the first Monday night Marc could come to soccer with us. Since today is the Saint Jean Baptist holiday there were less kids in attendance. I'm pretty sure that is why Leo participated and had fun for the first time! I am so proud of my guy. He loves to play soccer at home, loves to kick the ball, and shoot on goal and last night he finally did all those things with a great big smile on his face on the soccer pitch. Clara enjoyed her soccer class as usual but she really loved having and audience for the entire time. Up until last night I would go between her group and Leo's (usually with Leo tagging along) and I only got to see her play briefly. Yesterday, I watched the first half of her session and then switched with Marc and he got to watch the second half. She plays great and is really good a redirecting the ball from an oncoming attack!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The end of the school year.
Last day of maternelle

Clara's class celebrated her 6th birthday yesterday, just a little early

Our good bye gift to Julie. She loved it :)

The whole school was supposed to go to the beach today but as you can tell by Clara's attire, the weather did not cooperate. The cold, wet weather didn't dampen the kids enthusiasm though. When I picked Clara up after school she was not disappointed in the least, in fact she said she'd had a great last day of school. We were back at school a couple hours later for the big end of year family party. Of course, the heavens opened up just as we were going to start eating, Once again - no problem. The party was moved to the gym and when things dried up the kids were all back outside running around like heathens.

We had a great night, except for poor Leo's injuries. None of us saw what must have been an extremely painful fall but poor Leo was brought over to us crying in pain with a LARGE goose egg on forming on his forehead and a flaming red ear. There was no blood but there was certainly a lot of hurt. Poor guy, Leo usually bounces right back after he gets a bo bo but this one was not easy to get over. He kept trying to settle down but then he'd touch his ear and start sobbing all over again. With the help of some ice and distractions by Papa Leo did manage to find his way back into the festive mood.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leo and I have been getting crafty!

My work in progress, an embroidered carry call for Clara's teacher

Leo's race car
This is the first time Leo has really gotten into a craft I've suggested. I was so excited by his enthusiasm. He made the cutest, most focused face lining up the wheel and attaching it tot he toilet paper roll. Today I have hope for future craftiness from my boy! Oh yes, the cars are not jsut fun to make, they are also fun to play with :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It has been a fun day, the smiles say it all.

face painting at school

"show me a surprised face Leo"

The ball is going that way!

Friday, June 06, 2008

We ate BBQ ribs for dinner last night. Leo said they were like chicken on the cob. We clarified, its more like pig on the cob!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Leo dressed himself today, as soon as the last piece of clothing was on he proclaimed Your wish came true! He'd remembered that a few weekends ago Clara had asked me to make a wish, I'd been in the process of getting Leo dressed and I jokingly said my wish is that Leo will get dressed all by himself.

He's got a good memory that boy.

To celebrate Leo's accomplishment, we moved his T shirts to a new drawer that is easier for him to access all by himself. Now he can make my wishes come true every day!